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My Fifteen minutes of Fame is this message for You!
I have read some of the pleads for help,and admit that I am here doing the same . Some are begging for loved ones, themselves,or just to have the attention that someone is listening. I just want to say, Everyone needs help to get through our time of living.All of us have dreams of reaching there goals before their time is up hear on this planet we call Earth.If I had a gift to help someone on this planet,I`d lend them a hand,a prayer,or some kind of effort to reach that goal.The person who built this web page has given us a place for begging to one another.I `d like to give them a big THANK YOU, for doing they`re part of helping someone in need. I`m asking for help for myself to reach my goals.Right now I`m jobless and need help to pay my debt.But to me ,if someone who is suffering from losing a loved one,they can go in front of me.I know first hand what it is like to lose a loved one.My mother was only 39,when she had a brain aneurysm .My younger brother was shot in the back of the head at 23 .It`s tough to lose someone,It affects yourself and the ones around you.At least with all my debt,I know I still have all five of my children to love,and a wife of 18 and a half years to share my goals with.Like they say ,the last time I looked ,they were not putting luggage racks on hearses. I hope I can make someone who takes a look at this see that having a little faith in others,and yourself ,will take you to the finish line.I`m not a very religious kind of person,or trying to tell you how to be. I know that your not illiterate , you have vision,and a chair to sit on,and access to a computer.That`s already better than most of us have . If a had a dollar from every person that I can reach with this submit,I`ll be reaching my goals,and get out of debt. Thanks for your time.and have a little faith,(it can happen) Glenn Verette 15847 Colton Well San Antonio, TX 78247 (210) 887-3255 DONATE
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