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Earn from False Hope
I've seen this happen over and over again and it really seems to work. All you're doing is creating a site adding some content, maybe a fancy design, and your ads or CPA offers. I usually see adsense though. If you know anything about MMOs then you know there there are private servers for a lot of them. If you know anything about private servers then you know they have buttons so you can vote for their site so they can get higher up on another site's list. One of these sites that has a list of private servers are hxxp://xtremetop100*com. With this site and others try to focus on the MMORPG section. Some of the games in that section do have private servers, some don't, and some are close to having them. To explain this in more detail I'll use MapleStory as an example. MapleStory is a VERY popular MMO, when the idea of a private server came up it sparked something huge. Some people capitalized on it some didn't. So many people were excited about having a private server for this game that they would constantly visit sites like hxxp://xtremetop100*com to see if a private server had come out yet. Before any private server came out there were a lot of sites on the list claiming to have one. These sites that made these claims obviously didn't have anything but since they claimed they did they got INSANE amounts of traffic. I'm talking about over 1000 UVs a day without any advertising except from these Top100 sites. These fake sites made it seem like they had an actual server by having a download section with a fake download, a fake registration page, and other things that made it seem real. Now I bet your wondering how do you make money with a fake site? Well all these sites put adsense right next to everything and so it was hard to click anything without clicking the ads. Also, what helped was the fact that MapleStory was a game with a huge kid fan base. These kids know nothing about adsense so if they saw an ad about hacks for the game or other things they would click without hesitation. If the game your trying this out on doesn't have a big kid fan base then try CPM. There are many ways to monetize with this but what I've told you is the most basic of ways. Sadly, this wouldn't work for very long. People will start to catch on and then your site will get removed from the Top100 sites.
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