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Fantastic method
This I found elsewhere, thought it was quite interesting, so here it is. Quote: The Complete Noob Days Quote: ... Okay guys I've decided to start because its about time I take serious action. When I first came here all the action I took was posting a short description of a book with a link to the sales page on usafreeads, got 1 sale from that, started an adwords campaign advertising a seduction e-book., I remember I was the last adwords ad on the first page, i got a two sales but was quicly suspended to due reasons still unknown to me...maybe it was because I was direct linking...but after using some spy software in the google search results..I know people are still doing that today. Anways, I also e-whored on craigslist, I remember I made $50 from this dating site but they didn't pay because no one continued with their free trails/didn't log in anymore. I then made an adult affiliate site, basically with a banner then under it two links to 21 different sites: click here for free trial, Watch Movie. I had a small baner for each site above the text. Finally Made Some Real Money.... I then ventured into the world of blackhat and got my first sale by signging someone up with a VCC, which was hard to get at the time. I then put a pu$$ycash banner at the bottom of my site and gave people Paypal VCC's (I had finally discovered the goldmine of unlimited VCCS) whenever they had their major $100-150 payments per sale. I then deicded to venture into the world of product vending. I thought to myself "I found something that works, I'm making money, now I call sell the book and make money from that, I'll put my referral link in there so when they get a sale I will make more". I sold 20 copies on DP at $25. Made some good money, and of course I shared my e-book here free: Now I wrote the book in word on my computer and saved it as a PDF, and of course the reffer links didnt go through, so I lost out on that. The last thing I did to try and make money online was AC. I submitted an article in September to test it out, I re-wrote one in the seduction niche. I got paid $3.95, but then I didn't do anything else. But Now... Its March, almost April now. I've been wanting to try out The Newbie Blueprint, which is the thread in my signature, but idk the idea of making $3000 a month is HUGE for me. I've never had more than $2000 in my bank account at any one time, and this whole last year ive never had over $800 in there. So I have deicded that making $3000 a month is really stretching my beliefs and im not quite ready to go there yet. Quote: Dont start to jump from the sky without a parachute. Try jumping small heights & then buy a parachute & skydive So I have a more realistic goal: Producing 12 articles a day for AC and getting paid an average of $3 per article. I'm really doing it this time. Here is my plan. Its written it out as a guide but that's how I always write out my blueprints like I'm trying to teach it to someone else: My New Plan... Make 4 different accounts. Lets say my usernames are: KevinNotton JohnnyLee MaggieStone MattBrown Find 4 proxies and create 4 different bookmarks under the proxies. For example go to and create account for IamKassi at AC. Bookmark it while on that proxy, name the bookmark AC Account 1 Kassi. Find another proxy and do the same for JohnnyKeatth, and so on. Choose 2-3 niches per account so it will look like this person specializes in only two-three areas. With 4 accounts, that 8-12 different niches for you to (re)write about and this helps to make everything look clean. Submit an article under a certain account I'll make sure I'll hit the bookmark for that account. Each account will be going through same Paypal but with a different e-mail. Submitting 3 articles per day to each account. 12 articles x $3 average payment = $36 a day. $36X30= $1,080 a month. [Compare this to a minimum wage job at $8 an hour 40 hours a week. $8x40= $320. $320x4= $1,280. $1,280 minus taxes= around $900-$1000. Would you rather leave the house and work for a boss and deal with customer service 160 hours a week or stay home and work 112 hours a week(assuming it takes you 4 hours to produce 12 articles...which is the max it should take)? Would you rather get paid twice a week or 3 times a week? Would you rather tell people you work at Mcdonalds/Staples/Grocery store, ect. or blow their minds when they hear you bank off the internet? Think about that.] Methods to Get Articles: #1. Re-writing Articles Yourself 1. Go to article directories(,, and dig for articles in a good niche on the 2nd-5th pages to re-write. 2. Re-write these articles I will rephrase every sentence completely...especially the title. 3. Put it through by following these steps: 1- Make a account. 2- Create a blog. 3- Go to settings and make sure your blog is not listed on directory and search engines. 4- Post the article as a blog post. 5- Go to 6- Enter your blog address. 7- Here you go! No results found!! 8- Delete the post from blogger after. You can check each site max 5 times/day on So when you hit the limit simply create a new blog. If blocks your IP use a proxy( 4. Submit 12 re-written articles a day in the appropriate accounts. (match niches with accounts) **TIPS** 1. Get Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software. Install the software and train it to your voice. Read the article using your own words but change the words order around/rephrase it. Dragon Naturally Speaking is very accurate. If you are native English speaker you will get 99% accuracy rate. If you have some accent it might drop to 90%. But it is still very good. Using this method you can rewrite one article in 5-10 minutes. 2. Get Power Article Rewriter software ( if you have a mac install the virtual machine called Fusion and run windows) and put your articles through the software. Make sure they pass the test. #2 Outsource Article Re-writes 1. Search around and find 2 people that will re-write articles for you at $1 each. 2. Repeat step #1 from the first method 3. Send your re-writters your articles 4. Pay them 5. Receive re-written articles 6. Edit them for any grammar/spelling mistakes. 7. Put them through (see step 3 from method #1) 7. Submit them to AC #3.Exploit Yahoo Answers 1. Create a new account on Yahoo Answers as a young cute college girl. 2. Go to your settings and change your avatar. Upload a picture of a pretty 16-17 years old girl as an avatar. 3. Go to Education and Reference – Homework Help section and prepare a question like this: Title: Can you send me your essays? I am desperate! Content: I am preparing a paper on student essays. I have to evaluate student essays as a teacher. I need at least 5 good essays to evaluate. Can you please send me your essays? They can be on any topic. Thank you so much! 4. Receive essays. 5. Submit them to AC #4 Google Translation Part 1 1. Find articles written in other languages in one of your niches. 2. Put it through Google Translator and translate into English. 3. Proof read for any grammar/spelling mistakes. 4. Put them through (see step 3 from method #1) 5. Submit to AC. Part 2 1. Find articles in your niche using the resources in step 1 of method #1. 2. Put them through Google Translator by translating the article first to German--->Dutch--->German again--->Finally back to English. 3. Proof read the articles 4. Put them through (see step 3 from method #1) 5. Submit to AC. #5 PDF Torrents 1. Go to 2. Search for pdf magazines by typing in "November issue+niche" "nice+magazine" "pdf magazine+niche, ect. 3. Copy articles 4. Put them through (see step 3 from method #1) 5. Submit to AC You can find lots magazines on different subjects. You can even go for old magazines. Also you can go to forum for more pdf mags. They have a great archive. Conclusion 5 fully scalable methods for you to produce 12 articles a day. Mix them up. Dig and re-write 3 articles yourself. Outsource 4 of them. Submit 2 essays you get from Yahoo Answers. Translate 2 articles. Copy one from an magazine you downloaded from a torrent. Lets say you did the above and lets look at how much time that would take. Digging and re-writing 3 articles and submitting them to AC = 1:30 MAX..especially with the aid of DNS and PAR. Digging 4 articles to outsource for re-writes = 30 minutes MAX. Creating a profile on Yahoo Answers, posting question, submitting essays to AC....Takes 10 minutes at the most to create a new profile, takes 5 minutes at the most to post a question. There will be some time in between while your waiting to receive essays. Submitting them to AC takes 5 minutes =30 minutes MAX. Digging and translating 2 articles and submitting them: 1 hour MAX Finding one in a magazine downloaded from a torrent+submitting to AC: 45 minutes MAX. How much work time is that? 4 hours and 15 minutes. Over time you will get faster and can scale this down to 3 hours ( as i am being very modest with the times as it is anyway). 3 hours a day x 7 days =21 hours a week= 81 hours a month. Online writing job 81 hours a month or offline 160 hours a month "real" job? In total you be submitting 360 articles a month. Sounds like a lot but remember you are not writing them! you are re-writing them, not only that you are paying others to re-write them for you. You will be getting essays/magazine articles free. When you break it down and just take it one day at a time 12 articles is not that daunting. Do 4 in the morning, 4 in the evening and 4 at night. Once you get the hang of it then you wont even have to think about it anymore. Also: After an article gets approved and is on AC's site...submit it to Bukisa. Follow This Thread My goal is to make at least $1000 a month. I believe that if I can do this then I will show myself that real income on the internet is possible and stretch my beliefs. After this first month I will continue with the method + start implementing The Newbie Blueprint, which I will post my results as well. Be prepared for screen shots, stories of the methods I used and finding out exactly how much I make. __________________ MoneyMakerDiscussion staff postings are for discussion / educational purposes only and should not be taken as an endorsement for any program or products. This includes programs that we may or may not be monitoring. PLEASE USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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