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johnypro Method #3 Black Hat Credit Reports lol still works
Basically go into the real estate sections on craigslist, pull some apartment listings with pictures. find a few areas you would like to post in. Get to know the areas well geographically and the cost of average rents. Low ball the price of the rent and make an ad. for example if you're advertising in a area that rents are $1500 advertise an apartment for $800 Basically state Beautiful apartment 2 bedrooms, quite area by transportation make the apartment sound awesome. You will get replies in your reply should go something like this Thanks for the inquiry, we have 3 people that are supposed to get back to us and give us a deposit. We're not asking for money from you but we would like you to get a credit report from (CPA OFFER HERE) This method has been beat to death but if you find some small local classified sites this method is pretty good. Will take some volume. Just remember water your traffic down and block the ad network or spoof. You will be asked where your traffic is coming from and having a landing page to show them is crucial
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