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New Take On Oldish Method
Hey, first thread here, just wanted to say thanks. and well i was going to try this, but i have football camp for a week and wont be able to do anything, and I feel like this could bank some quick and easy cash. ok well you could just go to and craigslist, you need a pva, and i dont have one) whatever. then just go pick some of the hot cities on both sites to post. now when you are posting you are really just making this up. i dont know a lot of car stuff, so you could just google some 'everyday person car' not some lambergini or corvette, some like honda civi, or ford or whatever. and make it really cheap, if you find on your google search that this is normally worth $10000 make it under 5000 so that you get a lot of replies. so in you post put a gmail account, doesnt really need to be dedicated but if you want it to be automated it will have to be. after they reply, tell them "sorry but the car has already been sold, but if you would like to buy a car for cheap, then visit here **please insert your affiliate link here**" these people have credit cards in therre hands ready to pay someone 5000 dollars. send them to something like this ok thats it hope that helps, any one has anything that could help out please add.
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