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Parked Domain Method
Parked Domain Method Disclaimer- I shall not be held responsible if your account gets banned. This is for educational purposes only. Whatever you do after this point is not my responsibility. This is again Blackhat and the Parked domains don’t like this. This may be against their ToS but like I said the method is not whitehat so you got to expect they will not favor this method. Although I think they get targeted visitors and they make cash out of them.. EDITED – I didn’t have time to go over and edit everything. For sake of domain trick I have also added YouTube method with some touches. But the actual method is the last one where you go TOTALLY hardcore at your PARKED DOMAIN. DO NOT DO ANY OF THE TRICKS WITH SEDO I HAVE WARNED YOU. I HAVE TRIED EVERY SINGLE WAY TO TRICK THEM BUT IT SEEMS VERY HARD ALTHOUGH I DID FOOL THEM BUT THEY HAVE FIXED THE FLAW NOW SO STAY AWAY FROM SEDO. Aight, first of all let me thank you for purchasing this system. I have seen some stuff sold similar to this around the internet but nothing comes near to what I have developed. I been doing this for 7 months. At one time I was touching $50 a day but until recently some domains changed their rules. I was still using this method and I think nobody knew about this trick. And if you really are a risk taker then I challenge you to try one of the variations and you will see what I mean. That is why I am going to share 2 variations here one of them can bring cash but will certainly get the alarms going UNLESS you have misspelled domain of a popular website. That being said lets get started. Few things before we get deep into this. Do it over more than 5 domains and make $10 all together rather than making $10 from just 1 domain again unless it is really a killer .com. Examples of such good domains would be “” “” etc. The Method – Story Behind It Back in July 2007, I was trying to make cash selling my blogs, which is what I do, flipping blogs is something that I have been doing since Blogging started, not all the method shared around the forums where they try to sell junk but a proven method that I have taught few DPers and who make 2000-9000 USD per domain which is hard to believe but I don’t have to prove much. Anyways while I was trying to flip my websites I came up with an idea what if I could buy a domain that gets 20-30 visitors a day and which is parked. I tried to find a few but people were asking $20-100 per parked domain, because these domains were getting traffic so they were worth the money. I thought about it for a week or so and I knew if I could get the domain for cheap I could easily make back the money either by flipping or by just having it parked and do some other touches and bring traffic. Anyways I bought few domains that were already getting traffic, now my problem with blog flipping was, I had to ADD CONTENT on these blogs before I could sell them for a good 200-300% ROI and it is not easy trust me adding articles and doing submission and bringing some extra traffic to a website is a lot of work. I had my ways to make things faster, because back then I had a script that would add 500-1000 videos to a blog from tons of websites and then I would do few stumbles with my tool and the blog was all set to get 100-200 uniques a day and I sold tons of blogs like that for $50 profit. That will be a whole Blog Flipping Guide itself. Anyways after a while my script stopped working and Google started to remove the videos that I had added on my blog. So then I had to program a tool that would scrape from other videos sites anyways long story short my quick $50 profit per blog became almost dead. At that time I came up with an idea that made things sooooo easy and soo fast for me, I was happy that I didn’t have to add articles or do promotion or anything, because now I found a way so that I could get a domain for $1 -$7 get traffic to it, make cash from parking and then sell it for another $50-100 for further profit. Method Explained Sounds too good ah? Well it is, because if you guys noticed I do not post much around DP trying to sell stuff or buying much I do buy expensive product that I think are worth or spam tools other than that I do not waste much time around because I am busy in real life most of time as I have the method working for almost a year now. Anyways to the method. First of all, I started with .info because I could get tons of .info for real cheap and then bring traffic to it and after that even if I could sell it for $20 I had $19 profit and this worked wonders, because I found some places where you could get .info for free lol so I was making cash without spending a penny. But the problem with .info websites are that, you cannot keep it parked and keep on getting traffic to it and keep on making cash because not many people type .info for domains, parked domains do good with .com but my method was working and I was making profit from .info, later I found that .com had true potential specially when I could get .com for real cheap or for $6 from Godaddy using Code. I I took the business model serious and started to go big. Now I was buying .com like crazy. I was buying them in bulk so that I could get more discount that way I could make my ROI almost 1000%. And best of all, I didn’t have to build these domains, buy and park and drive traffic and sell it back. Time to talk about method. Now I will go into 2 variations of this method, the first one has made me over $10 a day and I had to control it to a extreme to make it almost $2 so that I don’t get banned, because some of my domains weren’t that great and not many would just type them on their browser. This technique works like magic with Adult stuff but you can try it in other niches I have never tried anything other than Adult. Because I found it a lot easier to get adult traffic and also I found it a lot easier to find stuff related to adult around the net without much hassle. Method 1 This method is probably the safest and best one to go with, but it will cost you some money, but this one works for all niches and you can make good amount of money for some keywords. This method relies on arbitrage, not any arbitrage but rather very unique and targeted traffic arbitrage where you could get visitors for as low as 2 cents and these people click anything and sign up for anything. The problem with this method is your earnings can go sky high and the place where you parked your domain they might get suspicious and they might email you or may even ban you. But they can never know your source of traffic but if you have a website like and it makes you $10-20 a day and gets thousands of visitors then they know there is something wrong and for that reason you may get flagged. But if you work for a day on this method and make keywords that will get you low traffic and low clicks then everyday you can spend $1-3 and make $5-10 on auto pilot. This system needs lots of testing to know which keywords need to be removed that brings lots of traffic but not many clicks. You wanna keep your CTR LOW real LOW although it is super hard because with some websites you can have your parked domain look like an established website. Anyways this method is all about getting Zango traffic for 1 cent a visitor and you can get visitors when they type a certain url or certain keyword. Say you are promoting your Parked domain where there are sexy videos, then you would add websites like “” ,, etc all the websites that get visitors who wants to watch adult stuff. Last I checked Zango allowed Porn promotion. The thing with adult parked domains are you can get almost $1 per click or $2 and some sites do pay that well for adult traffic. So basically if you have good selected keywords you can get clicks for 2 cents and make $1. This game can be risky as not everyone will click that is why I would say do the free version Method 2 then work on this method. I am not sure if they still provide the service for that cheap as many know this method now and I think they have brought some new rules. I moved on to free Method because there was nothing to invest. Adult Dating Adult stuff These 2 niches are best for this sort of arbitrage people love GIRLS. Guys love hot girls, even girlz love hot girls lol because they jealous of them so they click whatever…. Method 2 This is basically 100% free unless you pay someone to do it for you. I recommend you do it yourself as it does not take hours. At first it may take some time as you will be collecting but after that its just uploading and nothing else. This method although free is very powerful and brings tons of targeted hungry visitors who click anything if you have a good layout on your parked domain. This method relies on Video Arbitrage, this may sound stupid but I have had videos get over 400k views on YouTube before they got deleted because of mass flagging by competitors. Anyways, this method relies on downloading a collection of hot strip tease videos, rebranding with your website and then uploading them over collection of websites, do not worry I have resources at the end that will make this totally automatic. Before I get into this, I want to tell you that not even on net knows how to use a search engine, and not everyone on net have time to search hours for a video, now a days people go directly to YOUTUBE, METACAFE, DailyMotion and few other famous video sites. And if you see the searches done around YouTube almost all the searches are “strip tease video” “sexy girl dance” “blonde sexy” all these keywords that basically show list of videos that has sexy content either strip tease or some other sexy videos. People do not know that there are other websites where they can watch strip tease videos or sexy videos for free and good quality. And its not just these people but even savvy internet marketers donno about all the websites online, because there are tons and tons of website you cannot know about every website. Thus if you provide these hungry people from websites like Youtube and others with good sexy videos, you will get thousands of views in no time, this never happens with a other videos but anything to do with strip tease and you have whole Youtube at your video. I have done testing and it is not just VIDEOS that do good you can actually upload slide show of hot girls and you will see tons of views in no time. Anything to do with sexy girls. Nothing hardcore. Remember this method works very well with strip tease, sexy videos and stuff of these sort. Step by Step Procedure --- 1.First of all, collect 10-20 videos that you will watermark with your website. Make sure the videos are not hardcore as it will get you banned from youtube and others and you will waste your time uploading. So find videos that are soft but yet very sexy. Websites to find them ---- – This website has tons and tons of videos that appeal to every single person around sites I mentioned and almost 90% are not hardcore and stuff just strip tease that tease people and don’t show much and which YouTube almost never deletes until 1-2million views. You can also download almost every single video their without any trouble of installing a script or anything. – Another place where you can find quality videos that cannot be found around YouTube, but remember one thing even if it is on YouTube, people will still watch your video because it will show up in related videos and also in search and in google. I will teach you some tricks to get more traffic even if its reupload. But lots of filecabi stuff are not around YouTube because they get deleted once they touch 2million views+. Lastly again you can download videos without installing anything. – Tons of stuff here and you can find pretty nice videos that can easily get you few thousand views within minutes. Check them out. – Tons of stuff, and got loads of nice strip tease videos that almost always get 100k+ views and never get deleted from YouTube There are few other websites where you can collect your first pack of videos but these 4 will keep you busy for a while as filecabi alone got tons of videos. 2.Branding the Video – Easier part, you do not need to have any special tool for this. Once you have the videos, just import them over to Windows Movie Maker and put a credit section. I almost always put something along these lines –“To watch the full video please visit or something along these lines, I put it at start and at the end of the video. This is the best way unless you have a paid tool that does video watermark. If you go for a tool like that then I think Video Watermark Factory - Add watermark protection, enhance, resize and convert your videos. A powerful yet simple-to-use solution for video editing and copyright protection. is a good piece of software, although I have always used Windows Movie Maker and done the way as I mentioned as it works for me. You could try other trick. Once you have done the credit part, try to save the video as good quality, upto 20mb is fine over YouTube and other sites, I keep it between 10-12mb, the quality has to be good so that people can enjoy it and tell friends and also visit your website to watch the full video. This is a very critical factor to get visitors. If they cannot see whats happening they won’t share it with friends and u won’t get people who will embed you video on their website which will bring more traffic. 3.Once you have the videos all watermarked, it is time to upload them on as many websites as possible. This can be daunting task but don’t worry there is a website that can make this whole process so easier, all you gotta do is get account on different video sites and it does the rest for you. The website is, it does the submission work for you. They have good list of websites, in case you wanna go a step further you can try visiting Seth Godin stat page and see which other video web sites are getting traffic and you can submit there as well. But to be honest with you with you will get good amount of visitors. 4.Once the submission is done you are all set. Remember never ever post your website link anywhere, because they can google and they will find it. So never mention your url in the description or anywhere. 5. Hardcore YouTube Trick – This is something which YouTube implemented just recently but I think they made one mistake, people can exploit this method again and again and get tons of views in no time. Basically what YouTube has done is that, they have brought few updates recently, this trick can be applied before or after you have uploaded a video. I almost always do it after I have it uploaded. Basically what you can do is, once you have your video uploaded, you can login from another account or tell a friend to give you 5 star. Once that is done all you gotta do is go to video settings and disable rating and commenting. What happens now when people search for video related to your tags, they will almost always visit your video because in result page YouTube shows your video with 5 Stars rating and lots of views. People cant do much than visiting and watching it lol. You can further improve the chances by going to edit video option as before and change the display picture of the video. Put the view selection to a part where there is a hot girl, so when people see the still picture it will show a hot girl and people almost always click it.. I have had tons and tons of videos to 10k+ within a day thru this method. But the thing is, YouTube sometimes delete your video so that is the pain. They only do it if its too hardcore other than that they don’t care.. - Here is a nice trick to give your video the initial boost of few hundred views so others start watching it as well. 7.If you wanna go a step further in making your video go viral. Create a StumbleUpon account but make it Adult account just visit your video page and give it thumbs up and it gets diluted with Stumble database and you will have few more views.. 8.You can also buy fake traffic to get more views, I have never tried it but you can check around DP there are few guys who are selling YouTube views and rating. Or you can download my YouTube automatic Favorites that, gives you favorites. In case you wanna buy domains with traffic you can check out -а Domains with Traffic (Traffic Domains) - DNForum - Domain Sales, Domain Forum, Domain Appraisals, Domain Registrars Till this part all looks good. Well hold your horses now I will show you the trick that really takes this to another level. If you are really into blackhat and stuff then give this one a try and watch what happens. You have to be extremely watchful how you use this method. I cannot go deep into it I will share as much as I can for the value of $50 but I have made a php script for this to actually alter some of the things so that I will make as low as $2 a day. Now I won’t go that deep I will lay out the method. Basically every single parked domain can be exploited with this method. I have never seen any solution to this trick it just works. Now you all know, that if you design your Parked Domain good enuf you can get some clicks anyways but again your traffic is typed in traffic and not usual traffic that an established website gets. For that reason visits can be super low but I will teach you the whole method on how to go about this and get lots and lots of cash in short time through multiple ways. I repeat again, I SHOULD NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for account ban or any loses. This is something I have to repeat because I am just sharing the method it is upto you, to use your conscious and come up with an action to do it or not to do it. Anyways, before we even get into the trick itself we will need to get domains that already get traffic, you could either buy them from forums like DigitalPoint, SitePoint or Dnforum. I have had good luck on all of them but I will show you a different step you can take if you wanna do it your way. Domains with Traffic (Traffic Domains) - DNForum - Domain Sales, Domain Forum, Domain Appraisals, Domain Registrars - this place has good amount of domains that get traffic. I would go there in most cases but you could try something else if you want. In case you want to buy your own domain then you have to buy domain that you know will get typed traffic. Now there is one solid trick to actually get domains that will get good amount of typed traffic. The method relies on buying domain based on what is the demand in MARKET. For example I know recently a DP member and a friend of mine from India bought a domain that was related to sports niche and which is Cricket. And basically around India there is a big buzz recently with some big cricket series, that they have called IPL – Indian Premiere League anyways my friend got a domain which I think he can make good amount of cash if he sells it but it is always risky to approach the real owners as CANN will almost always give them the domain. Anyways my friend bought this domain short and sweet and within weeks of launch he started getting few thousand visitors and this is parked domain btw. So for $8 he got a domain that is hot in the market so even if he uses this trick nobody will ever know because the typed traffic is already in few 1000. That being said, if you want to make loads of cash out of this without being busted then I would say see whats hot and buy a domain based on the topic that you think will get loads of traffic. Places to research what is happening. – People may say google trends but this is the place to find what is happening around. Most of the time there is just news and not all the releases are by webmaster some are done by corporate and other people who have not much idea about internet marketing and sometimes you can find a hot product release and you will find that you can buy the domain name or a domain name related to author or so on. So this is good place. News – Any website that gets the latest news is the place to be at, specially Fox News, CNN, BBC, and all the others. These websites publish great amount of content that can get your hand on some riches. My favorite website for all this? I love sport market not only because you get typed ins but you can actually flip the domain after you made some cash. I love to do my research around these 2 great websites I have few others but those are specific to soccer. ESPN: The Worldwide Leader In Sports Yahoo! Sports - Sports News, Scores, Rumors, Fantasy Games, and more Basically your job is to find a news that you know will be a hit and people will start searching for it and buy a .com domain and get it parked. Player names, new talents etc are all good names and does very well. If you want stuff faster than this then just go to Yahoo 360 and see whats the news and get a domain related to that news. I have also used Google Trends. Traffic is low max you get is around 100-200 Uniques at the launch of the news and then it goes down and then goes up and so on. I highly recommend you get .com and not others as it works best. Once you have the domain thru your research it may take time to get it parked so this is the downfall. But once you have the domain and you have it parked. Move on to this step that almost nobody is using online. If you already got a parked domain with traffic then you should not be worried about this. I got away for 7 months. Because I bought domains with traffic through DP and other places and some through research. Anyways to the method. All parked domains pay you per each click you get. But not everyone will click your ADS. Even though SEDO setup can do wonders but we will get into that later. Getting click is pain. But anyways I have found a way to actually get unlimited clicks and make cash. Check this screenshot I took to further understand the method. Basically any parked domain with ads can be exploited here. Because what happens when you right click over the exact Title, it opens up a little window which gives you the EXACT URL location with your referral url in it, so if you were to copy paste this url in new window, basically you are clicking your ad. That means each time someone visits that url, you are getting CLICKS. Now there are tons of ways to automate this whole procedure but I wanted to keep this guide simple as like all of my other guides because I know not everyone is familiar with PHP and it can do you no good and get you banned faster than you would think. For that reason I wont be sharing any PHP code for this method to simulate the clicks but I am going to show you another way that you can use this method to make cash without ANY WORK. 100% automated. There are few other ways to simulate the clicks. The easiest way to make cash out of this system is to use these websites to buy 12 seconds visitors. What is 12 seconds visitors? Well these are people from sites where they get paid few cents to browse a website and stay there for 12 seconds or so. This is not hits these are actual visitors who will make it look like real. Once you have found which site you will use to send the traffic, make sure you follow these steps – 1.Cloak your url, I do not recommend TinyURL, see if you can find few others available. Try to have it go through 2 tunneled URL so that you are on the safe side 2.Don’t go crazy and buy 50k visitors because you will get banned and they will know. I highly recommend you go with the minimum package all the time. Even the minimum package is a lot for that reason you will have to do few things. 3.What I recommend is to do one of my tricks that will almost always work. But this can be tricky because in a long run it wont do good but I use it to make a quick 100-200 of a parked domain and move on to another one. The trick is to actually exploit the Freebie forum system. What you would do is actually start posts in Freebie section saying Free Domains for selected few. Now people reply like crazy to these kinda posts. Within minutes you will have a thread with few hundred views and good amount of replies. I have done it in markets outside marketing in freebie sites but I think it would like magic in DP Freebie section. You would start a post like such: Free Premium Domains – Title I am giving away some of my domains because I cannot keep up with them as I have got lots of real life issues, so in case you are interested just leave a pm and I will just send you a little fun question to answer anyone who gets it right will win the domain. So leave PM ME and I will get to you. This way your post will never get buried people will reply like crazy. Specially in DNforum that place gets you bombarded by PMs. So a profile there doesn’t hurt either. Now here is the KILLER PART. You will actually give them your domain why? Because these people will create IMPRESSIONS and free ones for you to keep your CTR low. And in case the support team contacts you, tell them that you are trying to sell your domain and all the serious bidders are visiting. Now I almost always give the domain to someone. Because in exchange of $6 you have already made good amount of cash anyways. You created a hype, you got impressions and what else do you need? I do it that way because the CLICKS are 100% guaranteed. You wil make the money no matter what. In case you don’t wanna give it free once they answer your question when you send PM just pick up a winner and tell them that in favor you would like a backlink or something else from them.. I highly recommend you put the same message in 2 internet marketing forum that allows freebie and also put it in some other freebie forums. You gotta get the impressions up. Also you can actually contact the support team of the site that sells traffic and you can tell them, that you will pay for 3000 visitors but you want 10-20 a day or something along these lines. Remember you will be making around $5 a day and you can buy 3000 visitors for only $6 it means for each 20-30 visitors you make $5 that is minimum I have got in clicks. Some ads suck but others just rock. Try to keep it under $2 a day I CANT STRESS ENUF. You need to make $50+ per domain a month if you have 8 it will be around 400 a month. In case you already have parked domain and you make good cash with it then go hardcore and make good money. TIP – This is something I been using for a while just so that I can control the number of clicks. I am just sharing it, up to you use it or not.. First of all, I would buy a .info domain, and you will know in a minute why. What we will be doing is redirecting the .info to the cloaked url which leads to the paid click URL. So it would look like this -а .info >>>>>cloakedURL(could be tinyurl)>>>>paid url click that you get by right clicking over ad. Now what happens as you can see the stats both over the Dashboard at your parked domain site and also the advertiser account in the other websites where you paid for visitors. You can see how many people actually visited. So once you touch $8-10 what you can do is go to your account and remove the redirect url from .info what happens is that now you will get the traffic but nothing will happen as .info won’t redirect to any url. Now how it works is that you buy 3000 visitors for $3-4 and then make back $10 or something and then remove the redirect url that way you will reduce the chances of getting banned. Contact me in case you are confused over this part… Now here is the trick, as you cannot control Here are the list of websites where you can talk to the websites and get 12 second visitors. Btw it is just a random order, so don’t worry about ones being on bottom because I have just made up the list of some of the ones I use. I am sure there are tons others.. Before you check out the list, understand this YOU WIL BE ADVERTISER DO NOT JOIN AS PUBLISHER YOU WILL BE BUYING VISITORS. Please do not share the list, the list itself is worth the amount of this ebook. 4. 5.Free Internet Safelist Advertising and Desktop Advertising that Pays! | where users truly view your site - PTC: Get Paid To Click 8. There you go a good list to start with. If you have better ones please share. It took me a lot of time to find this list through the Top 100k Websites list that I been selling on my website. That is a website I have used in the past for my Parked Domains. Before you check the whole list. One DP member a year ago shared one really nice website with me for parked domain. I thank him and these guys never questioned me and always paid me monthly through Paypal. They are LxAdmin : Default Page., this is a site I been using for long time now…. Here are the others…. Domain Development Corp - Premium Services for Domain Name Professionals Browser Update Page iMODO Monetized Domain Solutions - Domain Parking Made Easy! Skenzo - Domain Parking Company | Exclusive Traffic Monetization Programs
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