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The Vegas Method
The other day I was at the club and there people there with cameras who take your picture for a couple bucks and they put it on there web site and give you card with the url on it and they take a crazy amount of pics and make bank. As im sitting here looking at this go on an idea popped into my head. I do photography as a side hobby and have some real nice cameras . So I said what if we were to walk up and down the strip and take pics but instead of charging we do it for free and if the people want there pics they fill out a quick simple offer! I can also get into any club and in a few hours I think we can take over 1000 pics and just pay some college student $30 to upload them to the site. Just register a domain and get some cards made. I know its not the most tehnical but I can guarentee you its the most fun. I will be making money hanging out at the club and getting drunk on the strip taking pics of stupid toursit. I mean when someone is on vacation or at the club with there friends who doesnt want there pic taken. I have not put this into action but I dont see while it wont work. Maybe some of you can put your own twist on it. Or if your a hot girl you can pass out your card and tell them to vote for you to be in playboy and you have nudes on your site....Throw up BHCB and thats all there is to it
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